~ Healthie Mums ~

$30 per month

An ongoing monthly membership designed to help the busy mum create a healthier lifestyle that leaves her feeling strong, confident, fit, in control and happy. Learn more  


~ CORE: Your Centre of Attention ~ 

Master your mid section with Core: Your centre of attention and build core stability, strength and endurance. The program includes 11 short and intense ab workouts that attacks every angle of your mid section over a 4 week period.


~ The Healthy Lifestyle Planner ~

The Healthie Lifestyle Planner is a planner that is jammed packed with information about living a healthy lifestyle as well as tracking your fitness and health over a period of 8 weeks.  8 weeks is enough time to see great results from your program before plateauing and needing to change it up to keep your body guessing. So after 8 weeks just print out the goal page, weekly planners again and start setting new goals to smash!