We are half way through 2018, it’s time to check in!


Can you believe it’s half way through 2018! My oh my!

Did you set yourself some health and fitness goals/resolutions at the start of the year?

Have you stayed on track or did you forget them long ago?

If you have stayed on track – that’s great and you should be very proud of yourself.

If they have gone a little haywire, lost and forgotten one reason could be was that your actual fitness goal was the issue.

In order to achieve your fitness goals and maintain them, you need to find:

  1. the right type of exercise that fits in with your lifestyle and your personality
  2. It must challenge you yet allows you to make progress
  3. Keeps you motivated

I would like you to ask yourself these questions

  • What kind of exercise do you enjoy?
  • Are you self motivated or do you rely on others to motivate you?
  • Are your goals challenging or do you stay in your comfort zone?
  • Realistically how often can you fit in a workout each week?

We all want to look and feel amazing and while this might be the end result, it isn’t easy to measure. How will you know when the end is? Right now, you might think you have to be a certain weight but what if you get to that weight and realize that it doesn’t make you feel and look amazing like you thought it would?

By giving yourself practical, measurable goals will allow you to stay motivated and allow you to get the more out of your workouts.

For example:

  • How long can you run for?
  • How many push ups or squats can you do for a minute?

These type of goals you have control over because you can measure your progress.

Unrealistic and unachievable goals will destroy your motivation pretty quickly and make you feel like you have failed which is why it’s important to stick to SMART goals.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up occassionally either, it can be tempting to give up when things aren’t going to plan but life happens and when this occurs you have to be flexible and just go with it.

You have two options you can either throw the towel in because it doesn’t work in with your original plan and not do anything or adjust your methods for a short period of time to fit in with your lifestyle and what’s going on but allows you to stay on track as well.

So if you have slipped up with your resolutions maybe go back over them and adjust them where necessary and start again.






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