Are you stuck in a workout rut?


You start a new workout routine, you are full of motivation, your hard work is paying off, you are sleeping better, your clothes are feeling more comfortable and you start noticing positive body changes (toned tummy, less jiggling) and you are feeling amazing.

But what happens when you become stuck in a rut and you keep just doing the same thing?

Routine is great but sometimes we can become set in our ways and just run through the motions.

Why this happens, it could be due to a number of reasons you may have achieved great results in the past and feel the only way to keep getting those same results you need to do the same routine/workouts or you might be just running through the motions and afraid of changing it up because you have achieved a great routine.

When you repeatedly do the same workouts, your muscles quickly adapt to the repetitive motions and your progress will come to a screeching halt.

In order to keep progressing and staying motivated simple changes to your workout routine is necessary and will help you keep moving forward.

4 simple changes you can do to spice up your workout routine

#1 – Include bodyweight training. Bodyweight training uses the resistance of your own body to build muscle, increase flexibility and burn fat. This back to basics approach is available 24/7, no equipment needed and if done regularly, delivers results. There are countless ways to mix things up.

#2 – Keep a workout log book. This will allow you to look back on your previous workouts and try and beat past workout personal bests so that you can continue to improve.

#3 – Backwards workouts. If you really enjoy your workouts why not run through it backwards and start with the exercise you would normally do last. This will shock your body and change up your regular routine.

#4 – There might not be any thing wrong with your workout, you might not be seeing the results you desire because of your eating habits. The first thing you can do is track what you eat for a week or two, to give you an idea on your current eating patterns. Tip – don’t try and change your eating habits because you have started tracking it, eat like you have been so you can see what you need to change.





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