Glutes 101




FACT #1: The glutes are made up of 3 muscles – the Gluteus Maximus, the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus. The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in the body which means when you are working on them they are going to be burning up some serious calories!

By strengthening your glute muscles, your spine will have more support and your pelvis will automatically begin to stabilize. Which is essential for a better posture – the benefits of good posture comes improved confidence,  you look slimmer because you stand taller and so on.

FACT #2: Strong glutes can reduce your risk of injurying your lower back, your knees, groin and hamstrings.   How scary is that! To consider how many muscles are potentially affected from weak glutes.

The reason why all of those other muscles are at potential risk of being injuried is because if the glutes are weak and stretched they required extra assistance from surrounding muscles to perform a movement that technically the glutes should be able to handle.

Lifestyle habits like inactivity and poor eating lead to fat gain. But this inactivity can also lead to weak glutes – tilting the pelvis forward which can cause the gut to stick out more than it should and pulls the back out of alignment …  hello back pain!

FACT #3: Did you know your rear end is capable of generating a huge amount of power?! Strengthening your gluteus maximus can lead to improved speed, acceleration and explosive power. So you will definitely be able to keep up with your kids and leave you  feeling strong like Wonder Woman!!


The Home Booty 8 week Program is designed to build and shape your glutes all from the comfort of your own home. The program contains an education section, glute activation exercises and exercise modifications to make it easier or harder all depending on your fitness levels. 

If you are ready to invest into your health and fitness and build that bootay click here!


I have also created a private facebook group for women called Healthies in this private facebook group you will have access to pre-training workouts to my programs (including my latest program – The Home Booty Program), fitness related content like “How to perform” and more, motivation etc. It will also give you a little bit of an insight as to my services and programs. I want it to be a place where i hope you feel inspired to get fit and help you out of your fitness journey.

I hope to see you there!


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