The anatomy of a diet: How to tailor your diet to you


We all know that we need to be eating vegetables, lean meats, drinking lots of water, fruit, healthy fats and complex carbs but what if you don’t like certain vegetables or certain healthy foods? Do you then find yourself procrastinating and struggling to make the change because you know they are healthy and that’s what you need to be eating in order to be healthy?

Here is a couple of tips that you can do to make healthy eating work for you and get started today!

  • Consider your taste buds what healthy foods you currently like and dislike – so let’s say at the moment you like your basic salad – iceburg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a little bit of onion, great! Try including those foods each day into your diet while you introducing new vegetables each week, keep it simple and small. If it’s something new that you haven’t tried before – don’t go buying a kilo of the produce, buy one and try cooking it in a meal and combine it with foods that you already like. Then you might want to try it on it’s own. You can also consider the cooking styles – grilling, baking, fresh/raw, steaming, there are a variety of different ways to cook foods that will change the texture – you might prefer a softer texture so try steaming it, if you prefer crunchy you might want to keep it fresh. Don’t limit yourself to one. Don’t force yourself to eat certain vegetables just because you know that they are healthy. You are only going to start hating healthy eating because you are forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t enjoy.
  • Consider your current favourite meals lets say that you enjoy getting fish and chips from the take away shop. Consider how you can make it healthier

(a) If you hate cooking and still want to buy it – consider healthier cooking options so go for grilled fish and have a salad on the side be sure to ask them to put the dressing on the side so that you can control how much dressing you want.

(b) If you are going to cook – you can bake your fish, use healthier crumbing options, cook sweet chips and bake them in the oven, include a big salad on the side. You have a lot more control when you cook because you decide what ingredients you want to use.

The conclusion:

  • Stick to what you like and enjoy while experimenting with new tastes and textures
  • Consider ways to make your favourite meals healthier, this also includes family meals as well, consider how you could include more vegetables.


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