Getting back on track after the Easter Treats


Indulging once in awhile is completely healthy and normal. However over indulging can also cause feelings of guilt, failure or frustration. Which can make getting back on track difficult.

Here is a couple of tips to help you stay focused and get back on track this week.

  • You are human – A few slip ups here and there is ok, so don’t give up. Start considering right now what healthy choices you are going to make this week.
  • Forgive yourself – If you are feeling guilty, I would like to tell you that haven’t failed and that there is nothing to feeling guilty about. You were making memories and enjoying your time spent with your family. So consider all the good moments you had over the weekend. You might look back over this weekend and consider how you could have made it healthier for next time.
  • Use those extra calories towards your workout today and go get sweaty. You may not feel great throughout the workout and it may not be your best but afterwards you will feel like you are back on track.
  • Schedule in your workouts for this week plus prep some healthy meals today for this week so that you stay on track this week.

I hope these couple of tips help you get back on track and not give up on your health and fitness journey.

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