Stop comparing yourself


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Spending all of your energy watching and wanting to be someone else leaves you no time to work on you and living your own wonderful life.

Next time you decide to start comparing yourself think about the following-

  1. Are you comparing your weaknesses and mistakes to someone else’s strengths and highlights?
  2. Are you comparing your strengths to someone else’s strengths? If this is the case, remember you don’t know what chapter they are on in their journey, how long they have been going, what obstacles and challenges they have had to face or their experiences.

Life isn’t a competition, it’s a journey and this is your journey – what do you want to do and where do you want to go. This is all you need to worry about. If you aren’t satisfied with an area of your life, work on it and change it if you can otherwise try and see the positives about it and embrace it rather than getting upset about it.

It’s time to:

Stop wishing you looked like someone else

Stop seeking attention from those who don’t appreciate you.

Stop hating your quirks because without those things you wouldn’t be you.

Start loving and embracing who you are, your strengths and working with who you are.

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