How to avoid some common pitfalls with fitness


One of the biggest mistakes beginners and even regular exercisers can do is over do themselves and exceed themselves at the start of their journey. This can set one up for injuries and if you push yourself to hard too soon this can be off putting because you are sore, it wasn’t enjoyable and you won’t want to continue on your fitness journey.

Here is a couple of tips to help you avoid this

– Understand your limitations – don’t do something that you can’t do or shouldn’t be doing right now. Always practice with form and consider what level of fitness your body can do. Be patient and understand that it’s okay whatever level of fitness you are at right now and know that overtime you will get better and where you want to be.

– Gradually build up your workouts. Doing too much too soon is a recipe for failure.

– Avoid overtraining, more isn’t always better. Gradually build overtime and always allow for adequate rest in between workouts. Rest and recovery is very important.

Fitness is a life long journey, it’s a marathon not a sprint!!!

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