3 tips to conquering your laziness


LAZINESS: A state in which you lack the energy or desire to do something

Your mind is going to be your biggest hurdle but once you are able to convince your mind you will be well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Here is 3 tips to help you overcome your excuses

SET REALISTIC GOALS: In order to be inspired and keep going, it is really important for you to feel like you are going to get results. Setting goals is important but setting realistic goals is even more important. Make sure your goals are small, achievable and performance orientated specific to your abilities this will allow you to move forward and make progress.

KEEP THINGS SIMPLE: One of the biggest reasons for feeling lazy is because of the things you feel you have to do prior to starting or before you will get results. So it is really important to focus on only a couple of things to begin with.

Rather than committing yourself to 4 workout sessions a week which might feel really overwhelming focus on getting 1 or 2 sessions done in a week and slowly build upon that. Another way of looking at things is rather than thinking how long it is going to take focus on this week, who cares what happens next week. Tell yourself this week I am going to commit myself to working out x times and when next week comes around you will deal with it then.

ENJOY YOURSELF: Another reason why you might be putting off your workouts is because you have the belief that exercise needs to be hard to get results or you need to be doing a certain type of workout or workout for a specific amount of time to get results.

Find a style of fitness that you enjoy and will make you satisfied. In order to get long term results you need to be consistent and in order to be consistent you need to be doing something you enjoy and you won’t put off. You don’t want instant results, you want long term results that will stick around.  

Changing your lifestyle to include exercise is no easy task and the most important thing you can do is adjust your attitude. Rather than thinking of exercise as an obligation consider it as a break from a stressful day or a reward for your body. Change your mindset and you will be surprised at how much easier things will  get.


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