No one supports my health and fitness goals


Unfortunately not everyone receives the support that they would like when they decide to make healthier choices. Change is hard and receiving negative feedback can be extremely discouraging and can make you question if this change will be worth it.

Why others may not support or respond to your new way of living could be a range of reasons and have nothing to do with you and it could be all about them and their own personal issues with weight loss, fitness or food and this could bring up feeling of inadequacy, guilt, shame or past wounds.

Here is a few things that you can do –

Share your WHY – Yes, you are excited about all the new things you are learning and how great you are feeling but make sure that you don’t start lecturing them why they should change or do it as well. Share with them why you have decided to make healthy changes. Did you feel dissatisfied by what you had been eating or how it was making you feel? By letting them understand your journey will help them realise this change is about you and not about them.

Remember it’s probably got nothing to do with you – Your healthier choices could be making them uncomfortable because they might feel like they should be doing the same thing. Their lack of support and negative comments might be more about them and less about you.

Turn the negativity into motivation – If you find your close friends and family telling you, that you won’t stick to it, how you might fail again and the weight will only return, how you can’t make these changes try to use it as fuel for your motivation and stick to your goals. Remember, this is your body, not theirs! It’s your life and trying to please others by selling yourself short doesn’t help anyone and definitely won’t help them even if they think it might right now.

Be open about your struggles – Sometimes others who don’t follow the same way of living now might get the impression that now you are trying to be healthier, you are now better than they are. Be open and honest about how hard these changes might be for you at times and how you aren’t perfect.

So try and stay positive about your journey, it will get easier over time and you will always find support right here.

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