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Healthie Beginnings is about making a fresh start to a healthier way of living. A new adventure that will leave you feeling in control, strong, confident, healthy and happy.

Starting something new is exciting but it can also be very daunting because it’s new and if you combine this with not knowing exactly what you need to do or  where to start, it can be really easy to fall back into old habits.

So to get you started I have a couple of bonus things that I want to give you to help you get started!

Simple Meal Plan Strategy

Meal planning is all about making your life easier in the long run (or throughout your week) you have had a busy day the last thing you want to think about is what you are going to be eating for dinner.

Meal planning is a great tool for saving money on groceries, eating healthier and managing your time better.

This strategy I am going to share which is going to allow for flexibility and the freedom to choose each meal based on your day or what you feel like eating. It’s also great if you are new to meal planning, as it will give you a perfect introduction. Remember there are no rules – you can allocate meals to day or you don’t have to and it’s finding what works for you.

  1. Create a list of meal inspiration – do this before you do your grocery shop, or on a Sunday. You can grab out a couple of your favourite recipe books or browse through recipes you have saved on pinterest. Write down 3 or 4 of your favourite go to recipes that is easy, healthy and everyone enjoys plus throw in one new recipe to try out. This will allow you to grow your favourites and keep variety.

Need recipe ideas for Meal prep – follow me on Pinterest here

Note: If the recipe is from a cookbook that you don’t usually use, write down the title of the cookbook along with the page or photocopy it and put it into a folder.

2. Grocery List – Once you have a clear idea on the meals you want to have for the week, go through the ingredients to ensure you either have it in the pantry or refrigerator or put it on your shopping list. This means no more guessing while you are at the shops and no more last minute dash to the shops for a last minute meal.

TIP: You may want to create different meals using similar ingredients, so that you won’t end up spending lots of money buying ingredients just for one meal. For example: your base ingredient might be chicken or you might want to base it around a vegetable. 

Weekly Workout Plan 


Planning out your week ahead, writing down your commitments – children, work etc will allow you to see where you can fit and schedule in your workouts, don’t forget to include what time you can workout the more you know, the easier it is for you to follow through! To help you stay on track I have also created a weekly health and fitness checklist that you can tick off when you have completed each activity.

Keep yourself on track with your health and fitness goals with these free printables

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