Healthy Food mistakes you might be making


Have you been eating clean and healthy lately but find the weight just ain’t budging or worse you are gaining? Eeek!

Remember food is energy so even if you are eating healthy, healthy food will still lead to weight gain if you are consuming more than you are burning.

When you grasp this concept, that it comes down to your portions and knowing how much your body burns, really you can eat anything you want in relation to your portions (not the packet portions in the nutritional labels) … key word YOUR portions. keeping in mind too that healthy food provides your body with nutrients it needs to function at it’s best whereas unhealthy food is more just for taste.

So let’s take a look at a few healthy food mistakes you might be making.

Juices – I am not talking about juices that are in the bottles from the shops either. I am talking about the ones you make at home in your juicer. If you find yourself putting in 7 oranges, 4 carrots, half a small lettuce, 2 beetroots etc ask yourself would you be able to eat all of that in one sitting? Chances are no and if that is the case you need to cut back on some produce.

Juices provides you with instant energy, it removes the fibre and leaves you with the natural sugars, so there is a lot of instant calories in there waiting to be consumed. Is it healthy, yes of course it is, it has it’s purpose. But just be mindful of how much food you are putting into your drinks.

Raw Desserts – You know the ones that are made up of nuts, coconut milk/oil and seeds. Once again is it healthy, absolutely. These desserts are full of nutrients but also calories where you only need a little piece. Nuts are high in good fat but it is still fat and if you eat too much it will lead to weight gain. So next time you order a raw dessert I don’t recommend going back for seconds unless you have an intense workout session planned.

Nuts – Are you having nuts as a snack? Once again a great option but if you find yourself eating huge amounts this might be why you have been gaining weight. You only need a small amount.


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