Learn how to balance a busy mum schedule with a healthy lifestyle


Healthie Beginnings is a program designed for the busy mum who wants to balance a busy mum schedule with a healthy lifestyle that leaves her feeling in control, strong, fit and confident.

Learn how to:

+  Set smart goals and create a clear vision of what  healthy lifestyle you want to live that will let you know exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

+ Provides you with the tools you need to set up your environment (house) to promote and encourage healthy living without going to extremes.

+ Access anytime, anywhere. Being a busy mum it can be hard to make it to fitness classes when it doesn’t fit into your spare time. Healthie Beginnings can be access all from the comfort of your own home.

+ Stop eliminating foods out of your life for no reason, it’s time to understand and learn about food and fuelling your body.

+ Create sustainable habits that turns into long term results

+ Healthie Beginnings comes with a 30 day fitness challenge – the idea behind the 30 day fitness challenge is that:

(a) allows you to monitor your progress, so you can see you are improving which will keep you motivated.

(b) being 30 days it’s enough time to set up a habit and get use to incorporating fitness into your life but at the same time you know it’s not an eternity and you can see the finish line. It’s like we are tricking your brain to get you started with your fitness journey. Everyone can commit to 30 days! It’s 30 days!

(c) The workouts are only 20 minutes max and that’s not even every workout. I have designed the workout to fit into a busy mums schedule plus work what us women want.

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