Setting up your house for a healthy lifestyle


Getting started on your health and fitness journey can be very daunting to begin with but with some preparation you can make over your house to make healthy living that little bit easier.  You will find living a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t any harder to the current lifestyle that you may be living. Your home could be the reason why you haven’t been able to achieve your health and fitness goals in the past.

Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it a place that supports the lifestyle that you want to live, your goals and your vision?

The number one rule to living a healthy, active lifestyle is to be organised and prepared. This is the key to your success.

Let’s go through some areas of the house that is critical to your success

The Kitchen –

If you are an emotional eater – stocking up on chocolates, chips, whatever your weakness is, is definitely not going to support your new health and fitness goals.

So clear out the pantry and fridge and get rid of the food that will not support your fitness and health goals. You want to include as much fresh foods as possible, whole grains, lean meats, spices and herbs. While you are at it buy some containers so that you can prep some of your meals in advance for the week.

I am not suggesting that you can’t eat those foods but you want to be in control when you do eat those so called ‘treat’ foods. When you feel ready to include those treats (your weaknesses) back into your diet without it derailing you, I recommend eating those indulgences when you are out, they don’t come into your home.  Eat them with friends or family that support and know of your health and fitness goals they will help you stay accountable and on track while still being able to enjoy yourself.

Fitness – 

If you are going to be working out from home you want to make sure you have a little space dedicated to working out or if you are going to be working out in your living room, and you are going to be using equipment where are you going to store them. What equipment do you need to get started? Exercise mat.

Ideally speaking, you want to have a space where you are excited to work out and it’s ready to go.

Your Closet – 

Buy some new workout clothes, shoes and go through your closet and clean out some of your clothes, the clothes you know you never want to wear again. You are starting a new life so if you do have larger clothes than the size you are currently or want to be, why are you keeping them? Donate them, they no longer serve you and you have no intentions of being that size again.

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I hope some of these tips help you to make over your home and support your health and fitness goals. If you want more like this you can sign up to Healthie Beginnings – helping the busy mum create a healthier lifestyle that will leave you feeling in control, confident, strong and healthy.







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