Fit Adventures #1


Our fit adventure #1

I want to go on more weekend/day trip fit adventures whether that be hiking, bike riding, kayaking, pretty much just getting out there, exploring, making memories and being active.

I use to go for a 10km bike ride down to the harbour at least a couple of times a month (every second weekend) at one time. When it’s cane season I stop though I am not a big fan of push bike riding with those big trucks passing by quite regularly.

On Saturday afternoon I went for my first one in a long time and it was Mia’s first bike trip down to the harbour. So it’s a special one, in my books and it was a lot of fun. We will definitely be doing that a few more times now.

On Sunday we went hiking, Bryan had only told me it wasn’t a very long hike and so taking Mia with me I was like sounds good. Well it wasn’t very long but add a 3 year old to a trip and it can take a lot longer and it recommended 2.5hours for the hike and not for beginners (you needed some level of fitness, we were going UP). Hhhmmmm, how long is this trip going to take … and we started at 9am … lucky for us, it wasn’t very hot.

Anyway it turned out very good, Mia was so good, walked probably at least half the trip, the other part I carried her on my back,  I was very proud of her and we had a great morning.



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