Are you ready, willing and able to make 2018 your fittest and healthiest year?


We all start off with the best intentions but unfortunately life can get in the way and we get sick, kids get sick, go on holidays, work commitments and these things can throw us out of our routine which leads us to losing momentum, the routine and we return to old habits whether that’s poor eating or a lack of exercise. This results in feelings of failure because ultimately we feel that we gave up on ourselves. 

In order to fully commit to change and stop the vicious circle of losing weight only to regain it and make 2018 your healthiest and fittest year you need to: 

(1) Ask yourself what you want and what do you need to do to succeed? You also need to figure out potential obstacles that might occur through your journey that could throw you off track. You need to figure out why you have failed in the past. 

(2) You need to be prepared. Obstacles, hurdles are going to pop up no matter what, so expect them, plan for them. When you know how you are going to deal with them, you won’t freak out when they do pop up, allowing you to stay on track. 

Know what you want to achieve and what those results look like. Understand what you prepared to do before committing yourself, your time and your energy towards this goal. 

(3) Be ready. You need to be emotionally, mentally and physically ready and this is different to being prepared. You can have the best preparations in place but if you aren’t ready for the change, those preparations aren’t going to be of any use. 

(4) Change takes time, effort and patience, so be prepared to put in the time to make things happen. Make a promise to yourself to never give up on your dreams, goals or desires no matter how much time it will take to achieve it. 

(5)  If you want to feel better, you must believe you can feel better. Stay focus on your goal and your reasons for why you want to achieve this goal. 

If you are ready to take control of your fitness and health and stop the vicious circle of losing weight only to regain it back sign up to Strong and Healthy Mums and make 2018 your healthiest and fittest year. 


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