Does motherhood leave you feeling overwhelmed at times?

Motherhood is great but can come with times that can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed. Especially at times when you are stressed, lost, have no idea what you should be doing, balancing work  and personal life or time poor. 

When you are stressed, lost, time poor or overwhelmed. It can make it hard to stay positive and keep your family on track, your health on track, working out,  getting your children to eat well, to feeling in control of your life.

When you feel ‘out of control’ it can be difficult to see a solution to the problem.

So what can you do?

Identify a stress in your life that leaves you feeling out of control but you feel you can take control of and focus on a solution for that one element.

Start with a small problem.

Create a list of what you can control to this stress – keep it positive, simple and realistic. 

When you feel you are in control you can trick yourself back into a positive mindset that will allow you to feel like you can handle any situation. 

Remember with any problem focus on what you can control of the situation.

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