Eating for life


A lifestyle change that comes with massive health advantages is how you fuel your body.

By providing your body with the right nutrients and portions (determined by your lifestyle choices) not only will your body remain fit and healthy to run around after your children and do the activities that you enjoy but look great as well.

Have you ever eaten something and felt sick straight afterwards or eaten so much that all you want to do is go into hibernation? Or maybe you are an emotional eater and that’s how you cope with your stress.

All foods are made up of macronutrients, some may be higher in certain macros than others but they are all made up of a percentage of either all three or just one. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein and fats. Some provide the body with empty calories while others provide the body with nutrients that it requires to function at it’s best!

Fat, Protein and carbohydrates all play an essential role within the body. Carbohydrates for example powers exercise and movement as an energy source. Protein is required to build muscle. It is also critical for cell structure, regulation of the body’s organs, hormone creation, healing and more. And fat is a critical energy source that’s also needed for hormone regulation and provides insulation for maintenance of the body’s core temperature.

By simply being aware of your macronutrient intake and understanding the importance of each of them and their individual role within the body and why you shouldn’t eliminate anything from your diet, you can stay healthy for life without having to starve or restrict yourself.

So next time you sit down at your meal think to yourself how is this meal going to benefit me? Is it providing my body with nutrients to allow me to grow stronger and feel better? Will this meal make me feel energised and good (physically) or will it make me feel sick (physically) and guilty (mentally)?



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