Failing the right way


So you messed up.

You are human.

It’s okay.

Life is messy.

There are going to be bad days when things don’t go to plan or when the world seems to be against you.

Have a cry, scream if you must, let your emotions out but,

Failing doesn’t mean to quit.

So don’t you dare surrender sweetheart!

This is a learning experience.

It’s letting you know you haven’t quite found the winning formula.

That there is better!

You can do better!

This is another opportunity to try again but,

Differently this time.

It’s time to find that spark again.

Fill yourself up with it and look at the project from another perspective.

It’s time to;

Start each day with a clean slate,

To stop over analysing or bringing up the past,

To move forward,

Today is a new day to do things differently.


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