Eat smarter not less


So you want to lose weight and you know that you have to cut back your calorie intake.⠀ But what happens if you eat less than what your body needs?⠀

Yes, at the start you will lose weight, but if you continue cutting back on your calories your body will reduce the amount of energy it requires for every day tasks and this will result in a drop in your metabolic rate. ⠀
Keep this up over time and your body will eventually harvest its own muscle, dragging your metabolism down even further.

You never want to go under 1200 calories! ⠀

You need food to build muscle⠀
Build up your muscles through your workouts by constantly pushing and challenging yourself ⠀
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn (even at rest)⠀

Healthy means nourishing the body, not depriving it.⠀

Before cutting back your food intake, ask yourself- ⠀
1. Do I eat just too much crappy, junk food? Or ⠀
2. Is my portions too big (even if you eat healthy, too much will make you gain weight, a calorie is a calorie)? Or ⠀
3. Is it a combination? ⠀

Eat smarter not less!⠀

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