The Four Components of Ab Training


The four components of ab training include: Activation, The 3 planes of motion, Stabilization and Cardio, you can think of it like the layout of your ab workout.

Activation encourages deep core engagement promoting better form for all your ab exercises. It is also great for warming up your deep core muscles encouraging them to get involved in the actual exercise.

The 3 planes of motion – By working the abs in a range of motions – flexing, bending and rotating, more muscle fibres are engaged, leading to greater results that will carve out firmer, flatter abs in no time.

Stabilization – Correct use of your core stability muscles reduces the risk of back injuries, in addition improves your body’s strength, power, endurance and performance.

Cardio – To help reduce body fat.

At the end of the day it’s all about training your abs efficiently and smartly and doing exercises that are going to recruit more from your mid section that is going to lead to results. You don’t want to be doing 100s of curls every day and not reaping the benefits and probably doing more harm than good!

Something else to note is the abdominal muscles are responsible for stabilizing your torso. They are the secondary muscles involved in many different exercises. So even though you may not train your abs directly every day, they nevertheless work to some degree in every one of your workout sessions anyway because you brace your core when you lift weights or for balance when you centre of gravity shifts with the various moves you perform. In my program, CORE: Your centre of Attention you train your abs three times a week because of this reason.

Let’s not forget no matter how hard you work in your workouts if your diet isn’t on point, you will not reveal your abs.


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