Living by your core values


You can do anything you want – the hardest bit is deciding what it is you want. The moment you know this, you can start visualising your dream life – what you want to see, achieve, experience. 

Once you know what you want your dream life to look like, you can starting working out what steps you need to take to achieve those dreams.

While designing and planning your dream life, you will discover what is important to you, what your core values are and what true success means to you.

Quotes, follow your heart

Your core values are what motivates you in life and incorporating these values into your life, will allow you to lead a life that is full of purpose and happiness because it aligns with your true self. 

Your values in life will change as you change. As your life changes, your priorities will change and then your values will change. So, it is important to reassess your values every so often as they may have changed. 

Here is some value inspiration (you can add your own):

  • happiness
  • success
  • balance 
  • loyalty
  • knowledge
  • adventure
  • health
  • personal development
  • stability
  • inspiration
  • respect
  • integrity
  • communication
  • love
  • career
  • growth
  • fun
  • comfort
  • family
  • authenticity 
  • travel
  • trust
  • passion


Identify your top 3 values that are most important to you right now. What do you want now in life? what do you value a lot? For example you might be going through a rough patch and family and friendship might be something that really need now.

Think about why you chose them and what this means for your everyday living and your goals. Now align your decision making with your core values. 

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