Training Journal – week 7


This is me in my rawest, natural state!

No make up and 6 stitches on my face

For the past 2 months I have had an ugly cyst on my face (well it wasn’t too bad but I am much happier now), at first it didn’t bother me as I thought it would have been gone within a week, 2 at the most, thinking it was a nasty looking pimple. But time kept ticking along and it wasn’t budging, for a few days there I was a little upset about it. It was inflamed, sore if it was bumped and made my face looked swollen at times. Though I got over it, a lump on my face didn’t define me as a person. It is amazing though how some people look at you strangely, some will look at you like normal and others just blurt out ‘What is on your face? or What happened to  your face?’

I had been to the doctors a few times to get it popped in its duration, and on the last visit she said that the only way it would stop reoccurring is to remove it would be via surgery.

So that was what happened this week (wk 7) and (wk 6) I get the stitches removed. I am really happy with the outcome so far.

Break down of week 7:

Training:  This past week I rested with my training, wasn’t an ideal time (doing an 8 week challenge and all) but it is much more important to listen to my body and that was what felt right. I am definitely keen to get back into it this week though.

Macros – I kept to my macros, wasn’t as organised as I would have like to have been though.

Weigh in – same as last week.

Goals for week 6:

  • Get right back into my training regime
  • More sleep, my little munchkin has been sick, so the nights have been broken
  • Cut back on the coffee as well.




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