Training Journal wk 8


Week 8 of my fitness challenge
Each Monday I will share the previous weeks outcome, here and on my facebook page.

6x weight lifting
3x 20 minute hiit
I hit a new personal best (PB) while striving to deadlift a certain weight and I am not going to lie I was really disappointed I couldn’t deadlift my desired weight. I will one day but yesterday wasn’t the day.
That is not to say that I shouldn’t be proud of my now latest PB, it is an additional 5kg to what I have done previously which is awesome. But yeah, still a little disappointed. (head to my facebook page to see a video clip)

I haven’t done much cardio for awhile so I hated the HIIT this week (bike hiit) and left it till right at the end of the week where I was running out of days and had no choice but to do it. This week I will break it up over the week and I hope over time I have a love hate relationship towards HIIT rather than a hate relationship haha. Generally the things we don’t want to do is what we need. Am happy though for pushing through as I generally avoid cardio.

With a strength goal in mind I know in order to reach it I have to keep my energy up, so I am going to try carb cycling, I have never done it before. So on leg days I am going to eat more carbs and fat than my upper body days.
Towards the end of the week my water intake wasn’t that great- so that definitely needs to improve.
Overall what I eat hasn’t really changed, I eat relatively clean, it is more just sticking to my macros and portions. I have been close to my macros but having been hitting them exactly so I am going to work on hitting them this week.
I do notice my body changes a lot when I track my food, hit my macros and stick to my portions and have noticed changes within the week.
Once a week I am going to allow myself I don’t like to say a cheat meal, but it will be a meal that I won’t track. I will also make sure that this meal falls on leg days or HIIT, portion controlled so that it will provide more energy for my workout.
This is a lifestyle, it’s not an 8 week journey where I am going to eat clean, has lots of restrictions and you can’t live and enjoy yourself.
So yesterday there was a birthday in the family and we went out and i had a grilled fish burger and ate a piece of cake with marshmallow, cream and chocolate and enjoyed every single bite! It was really yummy and you know what, I am still on track!

This journey for me isn’t about reach a certain weight as I am in a healthy weight range to start with for my height, I do however want to lose fat, and see physical changes by the end of the 8 weeks and symmetry. With that said though weigh in – down 1.4kgs

Goals for week 7:
1. Hit my macros, carb cycling
2. Maintain my latest deadlifting weight
3. Make sure that I am drinking my water at least 3L

7 weeks to go.
Here is to smashing this week’s goals!

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