Week 12 – Cheating Right


My oh my week 12! I thought this would be a great way to finish off the 12 weeks to a Healthier you. We are all human and nobody is perfect. So if we are going to so call ‘cheat’, let’s get it right:

  1. NO GUILT – Savour and Enjoy it. If you are feeling guilty then you shouldn’t be eating it.
  2. Plan your indulgence meals. They shouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing
  3. Remember – PORTION CONTROL. This is NOT, repeat NOT a license to binge.
  4. Limit them to once a week or even less
  5. Move on – Once you have eaten it, it’s in the past and it’s time to get back to eating lean and clean

If you intend to eat clean long term, you simply MUST be able to enjoy life’s special occasions without beating yourself up if you decide to eat a piece of cake, chocolate whatever your ideal indulgence is.

You decide what goes into your mouth and how much, plan your indulgences, enjoy them and then move on. It’s that simple!

I hope you have found the 12 weeks to a Healthier You helpful. You can always go back through and work on the areas that you struggled with.


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