Training Journal – Maintenance macros & HIIT


So where am I at:

  • I have reached at what should be my maintenance calorie intake … Yay!
  • My weight has increased by a couple of kilos which is what I was expecting!
  • Unfortunately I am struggling to consume all the carbs … WHAT!!! Crazy I know! So I have decided rather than continuing on increasing my macros for another month, I am going to focus on the current macros that I am on and hitting them each day while I introduce cardio into my weekly schedule for the next month.

So I did introduce HIIT into my workout schedule this past week and wow it was brutal and horrible! But the after effects were amazing because I felt fantastic!

With the increase in food, my strength has increased a lot, which is also helping me grow my upper body where I have noticed gains!! 🙂 🙂

Until next time continue to train hard and eat according to your goals!



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