Training Journal


My fitness/health goals this year is to increase my metabolism, my food intake, my muscle mass and my strength. So I am going to go through some ‘bulking/eat all the food’ (in a controlled manner) and cutting phases this year.

Competing is where I learnt about flexible dieting.

I have always been more of a clean eater type of a person I didn’t track but ate clean and would feel guilty if I did eat anything that wasn’t what I classed as ‘clean’ even though I tried to view food as just food and moderation is key. So when I started flexible dieting it really played with my mind when I ate the not so nutritious foods – I would be like ‘it fits my macros so it’s ok’ but then I would end up binging on it as I would not normally eat these foods and wanted more.

I got it under control, competed again and then took a break from the whole tracking I didn’t go crazy and ate whatever and however much I wanted during this stage but I didn’t track what I ate and just enjoyed it.

I could tell though when I didn’t track my composition goes ‘yucky’, the portions of the macros are out of wack and I won’t necessarily be eating bad foods, it is just too much of certain macronutrients too soon or not enough of others, the balance is gone and my weight goes up.

Since taking a break and just ‘time’, (time fixes everything) has allowed me to get my mindset back on track and figure out what it is, that I want to achieve – increase my metabolism, eat more food without gaining excessive weight, build more muscle etc.

I have gone back to tracking and I am reverse dieting (properly)- slowing increasing my food intake as long as my weight doesn’t change which is allowing me to lift heavier and get stronger.

My mindset is in the right place, I tried reverse dieting and didn’t do it properly last year as I wasn’t in the right head space and wanted to compete even though it is necessary to get better.

I am not fretting about the numbers on the scales  (i have always stayed around a certain amount) nor am I thinking of food as good or bad/ healthy or unhealthy.

I think of food as fuel for the body. Generally speaking I stick to eating more nutrient dense foods that makes me feel good with the indulgences here and there but no food groups are off limits unless my body doesn’t tolerate it well.

It’s about moderation and balance. I have found flexible dieting is a great way of staying on track yet being able to enjoy life still.

I haven’t really gained much weight at all while reverse dieting and have been increasing my macros each week but my clothes do feel tighter. so I do keep reminding myself short term discomfort for long term success –

Yes, my clothes will feel tighter and a little uncomfortable

Yes, I will gain a little weight

But in order to grow and build a better body it is what I need to do.

To grow muscles you need to eat!

Currently I do 5-6 days of weight training a week.

I am going to get up to my maintenance macros before adding cardio into my regime then do that for approximately 4 weeks (still increasing my macros each week as long as my weight remains the same) and then lean up so cut my macros back and continue doing cardio and weight training for about 6 weeks.

That is the plan, I will keep you up to date. Until next time stay fit and healthy!


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