Setbacks & Solutions to your goals


Not paying attention: Distractions are a huge obstacle to accomplishing any goal. The less distractions you have the more focused you can towards your goals.

Fix it: Prior to training – run your sessions through in your head, every detail – the exercises, the reps and the sets. While training – think about your training, what you are doing, what muscle group you are working on.

No goals: Why do you want to be fit? Why are you exercising? Without a clearly defined goal, any obstacles that might pop up in your life will easily take preference while your fitness and progress goes backwards.

Fix it: Write down why you want to be fit? What you are trying to achieve and why do you want to achieve it.

The plan: Great you have a goal, now how do you achieve it? Without knowing the steps to achieve your goal, you goal is going to be a pretty statement that looks good on the wall.

Fix it: Write and define each step that you need to take to achieve your goal. How many training sessions are you going to have to do? Do you have to make changes to your diet? Detail your plan of action, follow through and adjust when needed.

No Confidence: Lack of confidence in what you are doing is another sure fire way of not completing your goals and making excuses on why you need to keep putting it off.

Fix it: Pick a plan and stick with it, believe in it and push through it. Believe that this is the best option for you. Yes, you can adjust along the way but put everything that you have got into the plan and continue on.

Consistency: Look back at last weeks training and ask yourself were you consistent or were you here and there. Consistency is the day in, day out discipline that fuels your results.

Fix it: Do whatever you need to do to establish a habit of consistency. Results are achieve through our daily activities not our once in awhile activity or when we feel like it.

These setbacks and solutions can be applied to any goal in your life not just fitness.


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