Week 4 – Portion Control


12 Weeks to Healthier You!

Week 4 – Portion Control

It’s all about portion control! It doesn’t matter if you eat good healthy food you will still gain weight if you are eating too much of the stuff. So here is some top tips for portion control.

  • Fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad, leaving the rest of the plate for equal parts of protein and starch
  • Eat on a smaller plate and more regularly: Trick your brain into thinking you have a larger meal to consume due to the smaller size of your plate, so you won’t feel like your portion sizes are smaller because your small plate will be full. Although eating regular nutritious meals does require more planning and organising, it will spread your calories out evenly throughout the day helping to eliminate cravings or that mid-afternoon slump
  • Distractions and on the go: Constantly eating on the go, watching tv or being in front of the computer while you eat disconnects you from your body’s signals and causes you to over eat as you aren’t focusing on what you are eating. Sit down for 10 minutes and EAT! Everyone can afford to have 10 minutes to eat, and if you think you can’t, you need to manage your time a little better, it’s all about priorities and you are telling yourself that fuelling your body isn’t a priority, that you aren’t important! Eating slowly will also improve your digestive system allowing your body to properly digest the food as well
  • Skipping meals: When you skip meals you are going to overeat at your next meal because you are starving. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast
  • Temptations: If it’s not there in your house, you won’t be tempted to eat it. So don’t buy it. If family members want it, get them to buy it! If you must buy it for other family members make sure you store it out of sight so you won’t have to catch glimpses of it.
  • Limit your choices: The more options you have on offer the more you are going to try/eat, limit your choices.
  • Do you do the grocery shopping? The person who buys the food and prepares it has, the power. Take advantage of this and use it to make positive changes. This is your body, your family, feed them healthy foods as it benefits everyone in the long run.
  • H2O: Before you eat, have a glass of water. Filling your belly with water will naturally make you less likely to overeat.


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