Personal – thoughts


Let’s face it, there is always going to be someone more skilled and more knowledgeable than me, which explains to my inconsistent blog posts because I find excuses on why they aren’t good enough.

But I definitely don’t want to wake up and realise I am 50+ and still haven’t pursued my dreams, my core purpose!

The thing is, yes there is going to be people more skilled and more knowledgeable but no one can do what I do, like I can because they haven’t seen it through my eyes or my experiences.

I’m not going to be an expert at the start and there is going to be mistakes but over time I will improve.

awesome 35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going - Simple Beautiful Life:

‘I need to learn to crawl before I can walk, before I can run’ – it is a process.

To finish up I would just like to say that it’s important that we remember to tell that negative voice to STFU!



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