Week 2 – Principles of Clean eating


8 questions to ask yourself when you are shopping –

1. Eat Real – Does these grow out of the ground or is it raised on a farm? Yes? Great buy it!

2. Eat One – If a food is a single ingredient – it’s clean! For example tomato

3. Eat Naked – Fresh fruit, veg, meat. These food are not pre-packaged

4. Pronounce it – Can you pronounce and understand all the ingredients that are listed on the label? Would you eat each ingredient listed on its own?

5. Prioritize plants – Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre.

6. Cook at home – you are choosing exactly what is (or isn’t) going into your body

7. Eat what matters – choose a diet that works for you but make sure that it is made up of real foods – paleo, vegetarian etc just make it work for you.

8. Enjoy – don’t rush through your meals, eating is meant to be enjoyable. You are nourishing your body!

Your task for this week:
To buy more fresh foods and less packaged foods

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