What are your Values?


Defining your purpose begins with identifying your core values and what’s important to you.

Values are your beliefs, ideals and the benchmark for how you want to live your life – your vision. The decisions that you make daily should align with your values ultimately then, allowing you to then lead a fulfilled life.

There are no better values, it is what is important to you at this present time of your life and your values will change as you grow and require different things from life. So it is important to reassess your values every so often.

So grab a pen and paper and go through this list or if you have something that is important to you and not on this list included it in yours, this is just to start you off.

  • Family
  • respect
  • personal development
  • wealth
  • creativity
  • sustainability
  • community
  • adventure
  • culture
  • responsibility
  • health
  • loyalty
  • passion
  • friendship
  • integrity
  • power
  • freedom
  • fame
  • order
  • career
  • security

Pick out your top three values.

Now when you plan your goals and what you would like to achieve in your life, you want to make sure they align with your values.


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