12 weeks to a Healthier You -week 1


Happy New Year!

What better way to kick off the new year than to start by cleaning up our health.

Week 1 – Goals

Dream big and all you want, but without a practical plan to guide you there it won’t happen. So let’s get planning!

Make a list – To ensure you are living a more balanced life, it is a good idea to write down some goals for each area of your life. You use the list of suggestions below to help you get started:
Family and Friends
Career and Financial
Physical health
Social and Cultural

Make sure the goal is something that you want to truly achieve not something that sounds good or something that someone else wants you to achieve.

Write down your goals – make it positive and be very descriptive, the more detailed your goal is, the easier it will be to put it into action. You can then break down your long term goal into smaller goals so that you can work on them daily.

Dream big and set your goals high.
Task – To create a vision board.
Visualisation: By visualising you are creating a mental picture of achieving or living your dream.
Why? It helps you set your intentions and goals – long and short term. It will also keep you accountable and focused.
What? A vision board is a poster filled with images, words and pictures of what goals you have in life.
Your vision and dream board is endless… Once you have created it, keep it somewhere you will see it a lot to keep your goals fresh in your mind.

Each day you then want to sit quietly for a few minutes and really focus on your goal and then set your intentions, what are you going to do today that is going to get you closer to achieving your goal?



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