Motivational Monday – Don’t be afraid to be a beginner


We all start somewhere

Don’t be ashamed to be a beginner and make mistakes that is how you learn and grow.

So many of us, put our dreams off because we feel it’s never the right time, we constantly give ourselves excuses why we shouldn’t start now – we aren’t smart enough, not enough money, not fit enough. If this is the case, you will most likely never go ahead with it or when you finally do, you will ask yourself why you hadn’t started earlier. So when is the right time? Now is the right TIME! Be courageous and take a risk on yourself, have faith that you will succeed no matter how long it takes you, be prepared to make mistakes, take yourself lightly and have fun. Here is a couple of tips:


  • Build your confidence by setting small achievable goals – apply the SMART goals.
  • Have the courage to make mistakes and be a beginner, how else are you going to become a master. Remember the perfect situation/time doesn’t exist
  • Goals require action and consistency – no action = no results 😦 You have to put in the hard work, the sweat and tears in order to succeed, and this applies to anything in life.
  • Don’t chop and change, you have to give it time and learn some patience! In this modern day life we want every thing now,  at the click of your fingers, yes how awesome that would be but let me tell you this, you miss out on all the valuable lessons and experiences you learn along the way allowing you to gain even more then just the end result.
  • Don’t change it all at once or have the all or nothing attitude – this doesn’t end well.
  • Identify your obstacles and have strategies in place to overcome them. Focus on one obstacle at a time before moving on to the next
  • Remember no step is too small as long as you are making progressing – consistently ask yourself is this getting me closer to my goals?
  • {Every little bit counts. | #fitness #motivation #quotes}:


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