Motivational Monday – Perfect your Mental Game

You know whether you play sport or just workout it’s 90% a mental game and 10% physical. The times when you do your best is when you mentally feel good and strong.


I know the days when I look at the barbell and hesitate, thinking argh I am not sure about this, I am already doubting myself and I don’t lift as heavy. The days I get my PB’s is when mentally I know and believe that I can do it and I don’t hesitate.

Pushing ourselves to beat a physical feat we couldn’t do before is an amazing confidence boost to your self esteem. To change and grow we need to get out of our comfort zone but that also increases the likeliness of self doubt however just like our physical fitness, our mental fitness can be trained and strengthened as well.


  • Set your intentions – Before you workout ask yourself what do you want to achieve out of your workout today? There are going to be days, when just working out is the challenge but try and give yourself a goal each training session whether that is to increase your weights on a certain exercise. Or complete your ‘time’ faster. Focus on that goal, visualize yourself completing it and how you feel afterwards.
  • Power of words – Words are how people think. So, the words you choose are critical in shaping how you think about your life and your training. For example  Failure or Setback? Is it the end of the road? Or just an obstacle in the road? Words have power. Choose them carefully. The next time you become physically challenge, find/use a trigger word and let it drive you through.


  • Start strong – Often we focus on what we need to improve, next time focus on your strengths and start your workout with your favourite exercise, you will feel good once you have finished and feel driven to push through and keep that momentum going.
  • Challenge yourself – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Try putting yourself in a tough situation and your goal is to remain calm and manage yourself more effectively through it. Use the experience to then confront worries by using positive language and learning to compose your body.

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