Motivational Monday – Keeping fit is hardwork



“Let’s face it: Keeping fit is hard work and it’s something that you have to constantly keep at, in order to keep it”

No matter what time of day it is, you make sure you get your workout in, you are dedicated to eating clean and fueling your body properly and you constantly challenge yourself to push harder throughout each and every training session in order to achieve that goal of being a stronger, confident and amazing human being!647875c6fa0a65678942202dd22013e1

For me personally though, this is the lifestyle that I want to lead, this is just what I do and it is normal for me. I am dedicated to my health and fitness and for me, this is how I can be the best person that I can possibly be. Sure at times I get lazy, don’t feel like working out or have sweet cravings but in the big picture of a lifetime it’s about finding balance and listening to my body. So if my body needs a break, I will take a break. If it needs a treat – I will have some chocolate and then I get straight back on to the healthy band wagon.

Whatever you do in regards to your health, make sure it is for life and it is sustainable, if you are doing an activity/exercise that you can’t stand and you don’t look forward to – change ASAP to something that gets you excited and makes you feel strong and good. Likewise for your eating – make sure it’s sustainable, full of variety, enjoyable and ensure that your body isn’t missing out on essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and allows you to still be social, it is possible to not only cook your cake but eat it as well!

Well my fit family, here is to another Monday – let’s make this week awesome!





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