HMHC – Is your values in line with your actions?


It is never too early or late to start implementing healthier habits into your lifestyle encouraging your children to be healthier without you having to nag them. Start eating healthy in front of them as soon as possible and this goes for exercising as well, it’s honestly that simple. Your decisions for your own health will impact the decisions you make for your children, it will happen without you being aware of it.

Don’t use your children as excuses on why you can’t exercise or why it’s hard to eat better.

“Oh I can’t exercise because I have no one to look after my children” – bring them with you or find an active alternative that your children can participate in!

“Oh my children don’t eat that and I am not making separate meals” – your children eat what you feed them, if you have fed them junk food of course that is what they will want to eat. The food industry wants us to feed them that so they can make more money, they make it convenient and all pretty and bright so that it looks appealing. They know that sugar is addictive and you will want to come back because your children want it!

Eating healthy is just as easy as eating unhealthy. It’s just your choice and what you have decided to live on a daily basis that has become your normal.

Don’t talk the talk, walk the walk!

  • exercise in front of your children – be an active role model for your children. Let them see you work hard and sweat.
  • eat healthy in front of them – don’t expect them to eat it and you don’t have to.
  • Let your children come shopping with – it may take twice as long but it is an opportunity for your children to learn about nutrition and maths – money and budgeting (money doesn’t grow on trees for a lot of us!) let them know that you have a budget of X amount and give one of your children a calculator to keep track, get them to help find the healthier options when choosing packet food (reading the nutritional label – do they understand all the ingredients within the product? What is the first 3 ingredients listed within the label, if sugar is one put it back), get them to collect the fruit and vegetables and place them in the trolley. Really get them involved and make it a family outing.
  • Get your children to help with prepping, cooking and the cleaning. Sure it would be a lot faster if you just got in and did it but you are then setting an example that you will do it all for them and they don’t have to do anything to get it. I am also not talking about child slavery either, I am talking about getting in the kitchen as a family and helping one another out everyone gets a job. Cooking and cleaning is a life skill – they are going to have to do it sometime within there life – start early and make it fun!
  • Grow a vegetable or herb garden – does your children know vegetables and fruits are grown either in the ground or on trees not from at the shops??


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