Trainer’s Tip: Keeping it Real


We all have insecurities about our bodies and these insecurities can be conceived within our head or people may have influenced these insecurities within ourselves.

Remember no one is perfect and there is no such thing as perfect because everyone’s perfect is different. We think how wonderful it would be to have her legs, her body, her hair etc but what about your body? The body you have right now?  If you didn’t have a body you wouldn’t be alive. If you put both bodies together sure they may look different but can they both walk? can they both move? Can they both heal?


Your body is capable of amazing things, so stop comparing yourself to others, stop wanting someone else’s body. Be grateful for the body that you have, what it can do, work on your body and enjoy being the wonderful individual you are. You control what you eat, you control your exercise, you control your thinking and they all have an impact on your physical appearance which means you have some control over your physical appearance.

Bottom line is try not to let physical appearance define and control you. Your beauty shines from within.

My tips to dealing with body insecurities

  • Love the person you are – write down a list of your individual positive qualities, skills and talents. If you can’t think of any ask someone that is close to you, to name a few.
  • Be kind and positive to yourself. Would you talk negatively about your good friend? Why talk negatively about yourself then?
  • Focus on how amazing your body is and what it can do
  • No negative self talk is allowed! Be mindful of your thinking and how you talk about yourself
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Shift your focus from losing weight and calorie restriction to health and wellbeing you can control these. For example you can control what you eat and what exercises you do, you can’t control how much weight you will lose or where you are going to lose it. Don’t let the scales define and control you – if you are currently weighing yourself daily (at the max it should be once a week) and you know that you will keep doing it with the scales being in the house, get rid of the scales!
  • Gratitude journal writing


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