HMHC – What are we feeding our children?


We had to take Mia to the doctors this week as she hasn’t been well – high fevers, a spotty rash covering her belly and back, constipated and a little congested cough and the doctor was telling us how we can deal with the constipation – prune, pear or apple juice should do the trick she said. But if it doesn’t work, there is a chocolate you can buy from the chemist or supermarket designed to help with moving the bowels for children and it is disguised as chocolate, so the child won’t refuse to eat it. My husband laughed and told her Mia hasn’t eaten chocolate yet, she was a little surprised. We didn’t have to go down the chocolate lane, we bought some apple juice and got some prunes and they got the job done as she had some pretty dirty and stinky nappies the next day.

I am not going to lie I get really disgusted when I see parents feeding their children especially babies fast foods, hot chips/fries, chocolate or letting them have a drink of soft drink. I don’t blame the child for these choices as how else can they get food but it’s no wonder why children are obsessed with sugary, processed food, they are brought up on it since they were a baby, that’s all they know and they don’t know any better.

Then once you do start to introduce healthier options like fruit and vegetables the child feels sick, making them think that vegetables and fruits aren’t good for them and definitely not enjoyable equaling a bad experience. Meanwhile what is really happening is the body is trying to remove the build up of toxins caused from the sugary processed foods.

Parents what are you feeding your children and why? You have been blessed with a beautiful baby, a little body that needs nourishment and instead you are feeding it with junk food what because it’s easy? Convenient?  Tasty?

It sounds like by this post that Mia isn’t allowed any junk processed foods haha, no, that isn’t true, my husband enjoys these foods and occasionally I will catch him giving her some of his foods, much to my disapproval. The reason why I don’t like giving Mia these foods is because they are literally doing very little for her health; these foods provide little nutrients for her body and I want her little body to thrive. While she is unable to make decisions for herself my choices for her, is building the foundation for her life, these decisions are going to have an impact on how she will live her life. She has her whole life to try different foods and make those choices. Right now I want to provide her body with the best start I could possibly offer her.

Plus I am fully aware that when she starts going to school that she is going to be exposed to whole lot of things that will be out of my control. Hopefully though, by the time she gets to school she will have an understanding and a taste for healthier foods and fingers crossed, will choose these foods over the processed ones. Otherwise if she does eat too much junk food it will make her feel sick because her body isn’t use to it and she will think twice before eating so much of it next time.






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