Trainer’s Tip – Dealing with a binge



How to get back on track after you’ve had a binge, whether it’s on one meal, day or weekend.

I personally don’t like the word cheat or “to have a cheat meal” as it sounds like you shouldn’t be eating it or you aren’t allowed certain foods. So let’s call it the 20% of foods that you can eat that doesn’t have to be clean and nutritious or treats. Hey, life is meant to be enjoyed but don’t look at food as a reward.

Let’s look at how you can avoid a binge to begin with and then look at what you can do if you have binged.

Structure in those not so good foods once a week – have you ever noticed that if you tell yourself you can’t have something you suddenly want it twice as bad? Which is why you then eat more than you need. So don’t restrict yourself! Structure it into your week. Keep it portion controlled, sit down, enjoy the moment, savor each bite and once it’s finished go back to eating clean and lean foods.

Repeat after me – I give myself permission to eat this. It’s your outlook on food, once you start to give yourself permission to eat them and enjoy them, you won’t crave them as much. Plus eating clean, green and lean meals like 80% of the time will mean you can’t eat too much foods that are processed and full of sugar because you will feel sick afterwards.

Binged, not planned and feel totally guilty – Kick it in the butt by working out right a way – you probably don’t feel like it, it probably won’t be your best session but get right back on the healthy band wagon as soon as possible. Afterwards fuel your body with a nutritious meal and drink lot of water.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the downward spiral of feeling guilty and the whole ‘who care’s attitude’ this will lead to emotional eating. You can’t change what has now happened, it’s in the past and all that you can do is learn from it. One bad meal, weekend isn’t going to get you fat, it’s when it becomes a regular occurrence .




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