Motivational Monday – You are what you think

Your Body Is A Strong Machine:

Our mind and emotions play just as an important role in our diseases as our lifestyle, diet and genetics do.

You can be eating the healthiest food and following your training regime to a ‘T’, but the immune system will not reap the full benefits if yu are stressed out to the curb! So what are some activities that you can do, to give yourself a break:

  • Get outside – Take your shoes off, feel the grass under your feet and stroll around, being in the present moment. Can you hear any birds, the sound of the wind and the trees swaying, is the grass wet or dry. Use all your senses, touch, hear, sight and smell and get back in touch with the earth.
  • Create a support system – Research shows that those with a strong support of family and friends are much healthier and live longer compared to those who don’t.  Don’t use the excuse that you have no time, make it a priority and put it in your diary! Your goal is to spend at least one quality morning/afternoon/evening per week in the company of loved ones.
  • Get sweaty – Regular exercise doesn’t just help strengthen and tone your body, but also releases endorphins to improve your mood and boost your immune system. So remember the next time you hop on to the scales and the weight hasn’t moved, the workouts are still making an impact on your insides, so they are still important! Make sure you are working out 2-3 times a week at a level that is challenging for you.
  • Pamper – Get yourself a massage, they help to stimulate the various energy and pressure points that help improve blood/fluid circulation, release endorphins and give an overall boost to your immune system!

Like this pic ? See more on my Pinterest : @reenaortiz:

Remember prevention is better than cure! Be grateful for your life and what you have and the next time something is stressing you out, ask yourself – Will I still be freaking out over this in 5 years time or am I getting myself all worked up over something that is pretty petty? This question kind of puts things back into perspective.

Have a good week fit family 🙂

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