Protein Treats -Chocolate Pudding



Sensational in the mouth!


And totally guiltless!

I am a fan of the quest protein bars but I wanted to stop buying the protein bars because 1. I am not sure how safe they are with regular consumption and 2. save money, they aren’t cheap for a snack and those $4 adds up.

I have sort of gone off the whole baking scene because 1. Once i cook it, I want to eat it and try it as I cook and while I am watching what I eat that scenario doesn’t make for a safe environment. 2. The ingredients that I want to use ain’t cheap and I don’t want to waste them on a recipe that doesn’t turn out. But some how this turned out really good and totally delicious!


20g Titan – Cookies and Cream Protein Powder

10g Flax Almond Baking Meal (excellent source of protein as well)

5g Cacao Powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

4g vanilla

5g Coconut oil (optional I have made it with and with out – both are fine)

20g almond milk

1 egg


Icing: (optional)

5g Cacao powder

10g sculpt vanilla protein powder (you can use the same protein powder that you used in the pudding though)




Place all pudding ingredients into a microwave bowl and mix until combined

Place into the microwave and zap for about 40 seconds. If you cook it for 1 minute it will be a cake, I like some gooey-ness though!

While cooking make up the icing – depending on what you want to do – you can make it more like a sauce by adding more water. Less water and make it like an icing

Smooth the icing on top and enjoy!

Serves 1

So this morning I was just listening to some music on youtube as I was typing this post and came across this song – it is absolutely gorgeous – the words and the film clip! I hope you like it as well đŸ™‚





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