8WTC – Half way

Hey Fit Family,

Week 4 overview:

This week has been a shocker 😦 literally from the start of the week I have been bloated and weighed an extra 1-2kgs and I have no idea why. AS you can see in the photo, I look a lot fuller 😦  It’s not like I am eating foods that I don’t normally eat, it’s weird! So as of today I am doing a macro cut and see how my body responds.

My training has been off too, so that doesn’t help.

Things that I am going to work on this week –

  • I am going to plan 5 different meal plans (so far I have 2) mixing up what I tend to eat for variety and  I am going to print them out and place them in a folder and keep them in the kitchen.
  • My alarm is set and never changes but I switch the snooze button when it comes on and then tend to get up later. Terrible! So normally it is charging on my bedside table, well there is another power point at the other end of the wall forcing me to get up when it goes off! Smart, I know! No more snoozing! And I know I don’t tend to workout later on the day so it’s pointless thinking that I will.

I know it’s pointless to dwell on the past, figure out what went wrong and move on. I am half way there and I trust this process so here is to a much more productive and better week 5!



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