8WTC – Week 3 Overview



I am getting back into my routine, which I am loving and I am looking forward to working out again. Once you find your routine, stick with it because when you get out of it, it’s hard to get back there … surprisingly. I am constantly trying to be better than what I was last training session. If I can’t, I take on the attitude of, I am just going to do my best today and let go of my ego. That was getting in the way before, instead of just being happy to do my best for that day I would be pissed off with myself because i wasn’t beating or maintaining and then i didn’t want to workout.


Like my training, I have found my rhythm with my food as well, which is good. I do still have to work on drinking more water though.

FEELING/CHANGES: I am feeling a lot leaner and not as puffy 🙂 🙂 my clothes are starting to feel looser and I am dropping a little weight.

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