8WTC – Wk 2 Overview

Week 2 of the 8WTC


I am not going to state how much I am losing in regards to measurements and weight because everyone is different but I have had a lost, so I am on track and I am feeling a little firmer and not so puffy.



Last week I mentioned about how I injured my shoulder somehow well this week it’s been really good. I am really happy that I took care of it and backed right off certain exercises while my shoulder didn’t feel right otherwise I may have injured it more and it would have taken even longer to recover. This is why it’s super important to listen to your body and rest it when it needs it.

Did I start exercising straight after breakfast – Yes! Mia’s sleeping pattern has changed this week and instead of waking up at 9 (I would try to get more blog stuff done while she was asleep) she is waking up at like 7-7:30am.


Ok last weekend I didn’t end up taking my own meals with me but I was tracking what I was eating while I was out, mind you it was hard! So much easier at home and you have full control over what you eat.

I have been hitting my macros this week.

Bring on week 3, this is going to go so fast!




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