8 WTC – Week 1 overview

Hey Fit Family,

I am going to share my 8WTC story each week , I have made a promise to myself to share everything, so if I cheat on my macros I have to say, so I am holding myself accountable to you guys.


Generally I exercise first thing in the morning, especially when Mia was baby (under a year lol she still is a baby hahaha) I wanted to do it while she was asleep and I wouldn’t feel distracted and could give it my all. Now she is a little older and walks around, she entertains herself and is interested in what I am doing which is good but I don’t feel distracted.

About a month ago I was waking up like a bus had hit me, i was extremely sore, fatigued (and I had only woken up) and it was just horrible, it lasted for about a good week or so. So I wasn’t exercising first thing plus I had hurt my shoulder (Not sure how but it’s still not 100% … I blame the bus!) Fast forward to now and I’m still not exercising first thing in the morning as in breakfast then exercise.  I have found that if I don’t do my exercise first thing in the morning, it’s a real struggle to fit it in on the days I work in the afternoon. The afternoons I don’t work, I leave my workout till about 5ish it’s easy and my body feels warmed up and ready for it. However i do prefer to exercise first thing in the morning as I will get it done and dusted and won’t have to worry about it. So my goals from now on is breakfast and then exercise!



I’m not gorging on chocolate bars, soft drinks and take aways, I barely eat these things however I haven’t been hitting my macros like I should be, DAILY! This is essential in order to achieve my fitness goals! I know this weekend we are going to be out and about, so it’s really important that I have my food prepared and with me. My water intake has been good can be better. So as of today, not next week I am going to start hitting my macros as it should be!



That sums it up for week 1, you can always follow me on my personal instagram account – chloe aquilina for more of my journey otherwise I will be posting a couple of pictures throughout the week on my aquaptandconditioning instagram account as well.


2 thoughts on “8 WTC – Week 1 overview

  1. onanactivemission says:

    Thank you lexilife for your kind words 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend and now ready to kick arse!!! 🙂


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