A Day in the Life of Zucchini



You know what I had no idea Zucchini is a fruit, I would call it a vegetable due to how it’s  cooked and used. So I did a little further reading as I probably think other fruits are vegetables and the general rule is, if the edible food has seeds its a fruit and if it’s seedless it’s generally a vegetable. So there you go! I am aware that the tomato is a fruit though!

Back to the star attraction, the Zucchini!

Zucchini is versatile, easy to cook and jammed packed of nutritional goodness!

Let’s begin with weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight, look no further as zucchini will help you there with a low calorie count, allowing you to eat more and is rich in fiber. Zucchini also has a high content of vitamin C as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Plus significant quantities of potassium, folate and vitamin A, all of which are important for general good health.

Let’s take a look now at how you can use zucchini throughout your day.


Fancy a little cafe breakfast at home? What a way to start the day! These Zucchini Ricotta Cakes are made by foodrecipeshq.com head to her blog to get this insanely delicious looking recipe.



Easy, crispy and healthy! What more do you want from a snack? For the recipe head to tablefortwoblog


My oh my, Zucchini you have never looked any better! Get in my belly right now! Head over to joyfulhealthyeats.com to get this recipe


I can have more than one, right? They have a vegetable in them! Check out thegreenlife.ca to get this recipe

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