5 minute Deep Core Workout


Hey Fit Family,

Today I have for you a core workout focusing on strengthening those deep core muscles and we do this by keeping the head on the floor and lifting the legs up in the air.

It is essential to keep your t-zone/core tight to stabilize the spine and keep the lower back on the floor otherwise you will feel your lower back lift and you don’t want that! Depending on how strong your core is will depend on how low you will get your legs, so don’t get disheartened if you can’t get your legs low and straight without your lower back arching. Keep practicing and you will get there.



Workout Breakdown: 60 seconds per exercise

Single leg toe taps

Double leg drop

Flutter kicks

Criss cross legs

Bicycle legs


If you feel your lower back lift:

  •  Keep the legs bent for all exercises 
  • Or point the legs up towards the ceiling and as you get stronger start to lower them closer towards the floor 
  • Please don’t do this workout if you have lower back problems

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