Healthy Mum Healthy Child – Zucchini Pasta


Hey Fit Family,

Today I have for you another episode of Healthy Mum Healthy Child and we are making Zucchini Pasta. Mia really likes a bolognese sauce and instead of using wheat pasta we used zucchini = extra vegetables! This is super easy to make especially if you have already prepped your mince/bolognese and if you have leftover vegetables.


1/4-1/2 zucchini, pasta – ized

2-3 roasted pumpkin chunks – diced

Turkey mince – cooked

Cheese – grated to put on top


  1. Spiralise your zucchini and turn it into pasta
  2. Place your turkey mince, diced pumpkin, cheese and whatever other vegetables you want on top of the zucchini pasta
  3. Microwave it – For Mia I only place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. For myself about 3 minutes.

Easy and quick, right!

I am noticing after the past couple of videos that when it comes time to actually eat the meal she doesn’t want it but she eats the ingredients throughout. I may have to wait a little while before giving her the meal from now on.

Have a good day guys!


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