Activate your booty

If you sit for pretty much most of your day you may have weak glutes, tight hamstrings and tight hip flexors. So it’s very important to wake up those glutes prior to starting your workout by doing some activation exercises.

The purpose of activating your muscles prior to your workout is to get the muscles firing and to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible.

Before starting your activation exercises you want to make sure you release or loosen any tight spots. If you are particularly quad dominate you have a greater risk of knee and lower back pain. You can release your quadriceps by foam rolling them back and forth for a couple of minutes, this will release your quadriceps, allowing your body to align so that you can work on your butt. You also want to stretch out your hip flexors allowing them to relax as well.

Apologies in advance for poor quality photos. I did a video and realized that it won’t allow me to post them on the blog without upgrading the site. Question – If i was to upload videos on youtube would you be happy to head to my youtube site to see the video if I had a link within the post.

Snapshot 1 (16-04-2016 3-29 PM)

hip flexor stretch

Make sure when you are stretching your hip flexors, that your knee stays behind toes.

Here is three activation exercises to do prior to your butt workout.

1 – Lateral squat walk – push the hips back, keep the legs hip width apart, knees following the toes and make sure they don’t rotate inwards, do 20 steps

2. Resistance Band Bridge – don’t let the knees roll inwards

3. Resistance Band Clams – Begin with the legs together. Press the top heel into the bottom heel and squeeze the glutes before opening up the legs. Make sure  when you do open the clam that you don’t roll back to try and open the legs further. You can always keep the top hand on the bottom for feed back from your body.

lateral squat walk

band bridge






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